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From the place of Lyon in France. According to family tradition the Lyon Family came to Scotland via England in twelve century. It would be safe to assume that this meant they were a part of the invading army of William of Normandy.The family gained the lands around Glames Castle and made this their base. Over time members of the family moved into the mountainious regions of Deeside and took the names of Bowman. In 1723 a group of Bowmans in Glenmuick and Glenesk approached the arl of Strathmore, head of the Lyon Family and requested the ability to change their name back to Lyon. He granted this and the family stayed in Glenmuick under the Clan Farquharson. The Earl of Strathmore was also one of the many families who helped pay the Laird of Invercauld to keep a standing Watch of Highlandmen to keep out roving bands of the lawless and broken men who would leave the highlands to attack estates in Angus, Aberdeen and Perth shires.

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