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Farquhar Farquharson MacErcher

From the founder of the Clan Farquharson, Farquhar Ciar MacIntosh who came to the Braemar area circa 1382.The Gaelic version of Farquharson is MacFhearchair or "Son of the very dear man.". This is an interesting point in the history of Clan Farquharson as its English name and its Gaelic name are for two different people. Although we are known as Clan Farquharson, for Farquhar Ciar, the Gaelic name is MacFhionnlaigh or the sons of Finlay. The spellings and pronunciations of both the Gaelic MacErchar and the English Farquharson are enormous and cause quite confusion since some of the spellings and pronuncations do not even remotely resemble each other, and the confusion between the relationship of the gaelic and the english version is the same. However it is assured that the different spellings all go back to the same forebearer in Farquhar Ciar.

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