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So You Have Decided To Join

So you have decided to join Clan Farquharson. First off let me say welcome to the Clan and thank you for seeing CFUSA as a road to your heritage that you are willing to venture down. I hope that you will seek information about your local representative and help the clan. I have decided to include a list of materails that will accompany your membership.

Membership Benefits

1.) Welcome letter from the President of Clan Farquharson, USA
2.) Certificate of Membership
3.) Colour Copy of the picture of the Old Man
4.) Welcome letter from Odom Genealogical Library
5.) A copy of the article "Buckle and Strap' which explains the clan crest
6.) A copy of the article 'A Note on Clan Protocol' concerning correspondence with the chief
7.) A copy of the article 'These Are Your People/Clan Farquharson'
8.) List of vendors that carry Clan Farquharson Tartan and Clan Items
9.) The Cairn: The Official Newsletter of Clan Farquharson USA
10.) A Roster of the Board Of Directors of Clan Farquharson, USA
11.) A 'Family Tree' form to be filled out and sent to the Genealogist to be added with the clans archives

Additionial Items for Contributing and Life Members

1.) The aboce mentioned sertificate is wax sealed with a ribbon
2.) A personal mention of appreciation in the 'Cairn'
3.) A CFUSA lapel pin
4.) Life Members also recieve a Clan Farquharson T-shirt if they are available

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