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Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

Finla Mor was the man who made allowed the Clan Farquharson to become more powerful that it had been in the past. However his life was cut short by his death at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh on September 10, 1547. Although he was 60 at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh there is no telling what other great things he might have been able to accomplish if he had not died. Finla had the honour of the mor being added to his name on account of his great size, he was said to shadow other men. Being Chief of the Clan Farquharson he was also a loyal subjest of the Stuart House, represented at that time by Mary, Queen of Scots. When Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset came into Scotland to see that Mary would marry the 9 year old King Edward VI, the supporters of the House of Stuart came out in droves to support their Queen. Finla was granted through his bravery the honour of bearing the Royal Colours of Scotland, what we would now refer to as the "Rampant Lion". However through the usual bravery of the Scots was present they were not able to use the modern military tactics as well as the English were and through this the Scots were cut down in large numbers. Another force that made this battle unique was that the English Navy was able to get close enough that their guns were effective in literally blowing huge holes in the Scots line. We assume that this is how Finla Mor met his end, we know that he was cut down by a cannon ball. He was buried in what has become known as the "Lang Hielandman's Grave" in the yard of the Church of Inveresk. It is through Finla's bravery that the arms of the Clan Farquharson have the Royal Standard on them.

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