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Clansmen and the Titanic

The loss of the Titanic has become a resounding story in the minds of most Americans. Thanks to James Cameron's Titanic we have a better image of what it must have been like to be aboard the ill fated cruise ship. What has happened, unfortuately is that those on the ship have become virtually to a class among themselves and we forget that some of them are of the same family, and in our case the same clan. This is a listing of all known Farquharson or members of the various septs. Survivors of the disaster are shown in italics. When information on the person was available the name becomes a link to an in depth look.

Mr Ernest Edward Archer
Miss Julia Barry
Mrs Alice Frances Christy
Miss Julie R. Christy
Mrs William ("Minnie") Coutts
Neville Coutts
William Leslie Coutts
Mr. William Edward Farquharson
Col. Archibald Gracie, IV
Mr. John Hardy
Mr. William Henry Lyons
Mr. F. McCarty
Mr. J. T. Wood

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