Clan Farquharson Symbols

Most of what people assume about Clan symbols is either wrong or not completely correct in so much as there are certain heraldry rules that are supposed to be observed. Yet heraldry rules of course are not enforced and that has led to some uncertainty as far as what is a clan symbol and what is not.

The first thing that people need to understand is that there is no such thing as a clan coat of arms. Coats of arms are given by the Lord Lyon to individuals not to people. You can apply for a personal coat of arms, but there are strict limits and restrictions on coats of arms before they will be granted. The Chief of Clan Farquharson of Invercauld has a coat of arms as does the Farquharson of Finzean. Most of the Farquharson coats of arms are based on the arms for the Invercauld branch.

So what does an average member of the clan wear or possess? Clansmen are permitted and even encouraged to show the clan crest, which is usually the very top of the coat of arms for the chief and it is enclosed in a belt and buckle. These clan crests are sold by most retailers on everything from tshirts to clan badges to glasses and everything in between. The idea of a clan crest is a rather new idea, and came into fashion during the Victorian renaissance of Highland culture.

Historically clansmen would be identified by a certain plant that men would wear in their bonnet. Each clan used a certain plant so that they could be identified during battle. Clan Farquharson used the plant known as Red Whortleberry with the scientific name of Vaccinium vitis-idaea. The red whortleberry was used by most of the members of the Clan Chattan confederation.

Going into battle each clan also had a battle cry. Or a slogan that was used to ensure bravery in the clansmen who were going to fight and instill fear into their enemies. Clan Farquharson used the slogan "Cairn Na Chuimhne." The Cairn Na Chuimhne means the cairn, which is a hill of stones placed together by man, of remembrance. It was tradition in the Clan Farquharson to place a stone on the cairn before going to battle and after the battle to remove the stone you placed, so that the Cairn Na Chuimhne serves as a visual reminder of all the clansmen who have died in battle.

The Clan Farquharson has two mottos, the first which is found on the Clan Crest is "Fide et Fortitudine" which is Latin for Fidelity and Fortitude or Loyalty and Courage.
The second is "I force nae freen, I fear nae foe." Which means that the Clan will be loyal to the friends and be scared of no enemy.