Tartans For Farquharsons

The one word that is always associated with Scotland is tartan. Tartan has been a part of Scottish culture in some form over a thousand years. Yet the idea of each family or clan having its own tartan only came into fashion during the 1800's with the help of Queen Victoria's fascination with all things highland.

Before 1746 which saw the destruction of the traditional clan system and the outlawing of tartan, the clans wore any tartan that was woven by the local weaver. A British observer at the Battle of Culloden noticed that none of the clans were the same tartan.

Now which tartan should you wear? That is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong choice to be made. Members of Clan Farquharson have a lot of choices when considering which tartan to wear.

There are the Farquharson Tartans that most clansmen choose. The most common are the Farquharson Modern tartan where the colors are bolder and darker. The Farquharson Ancient where the colors are lighter and are said to be a better representation of tartans made naturally. The Farquharson Weathered tartan consists of brown colors that are said to be based on a tartan that was discovered near Culloden. The background used for this webpage is Farquharson Ancient.

The Clan Farquharson is made up of many septs. Some of these families have their own tartan. If you come from an allied family or sept you could may be inclined to wear your families tartan in lieu of the wear one of the varieties of Clan Farquharson tartans. Keep in mind you will probably pay more since the tartan will have to be specially woven for you.
Christie Tartan Tartan of the Christie family
Lyon Tartan Tartan of the Lyon family
MacHardy Tartan Tartan of the MacHardy family
MacKinlay Tartan Tartan of the MacKinlay family
Coutts Tartan Tartan of the Coutts family

Also there are regional and area tartans that may be worn by any member of Clan Farquharson. There are tartans that are associated with the clan through places where the clan was in prominence. Special note, these tartans are never found off the rack, and rarely are made without a special order.
Birse Tartan
Braemar Tartan
Cairngorm Tartan
Deeside Tartan
Glenshee Tartan